2015 North Dakota Geographic Information Systems Users Conference

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Mark your calendars NOW! The 2017 NDGIS Users Conference will be held September 19-20 in Bismarck, ND. For more information, visit the North Dakota GIS web page.

The 2015 North Dakota GIS Users Conference was held Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 28-29 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo, ND.

Conference Highlights

For more information, contact Ann Fritz (afritz@nd.gov).

Keynote Speakers

S.J. Camarata, Jr., Director, ESRI, Inc. — S.J. Camarata is a Director of ESRI. He focuses on the company's global corporate strategies. He also currently serves on a number of boards (both for profit and non-profit organizations) and has held a number of other board seats over the years. He has been a founder and co-founder of several... [View More]

Dr. Alex Philp, Founder and President, GCS Research — Alex Philp, Ph.D. is the founder of various advanced technology companies in Missoula, Montana, including GCS, Adelos and TerraEchos. Originally, Alex launched GCS as a spinout from NASA-funded research and development in advanced Earth System Science at The University of Montana. Adelos specializes in fiber optic sensor technology licensed from... [View More]

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